Leica ScanStations, RTC360 & BLK360 - What's the difference?

Leica ScanStations, RTC360 & BLK360 - What's the difference?

Posted by Leica Geosystems on 2nd May 2022

The Leica ScanStation P40 is the right solution where survey grade workflows matter and highly reliable accurate results are required (traversing, target measurements, dual-axis compensation). It is also the right scanner for harshest operating conditions across the globe, in particular at extreme temperature ranges. Due to its superior measurement range, the Leica ScanStation P50 will also be the instrument of choice when covering larger areas.

The Leica BLK360 is ideal for relatively small-scale reality capture applications where images are as important as accurate 3D data. The BLK360, though suitable for outdoor operation, is optimised for indoor applications with short ranges and that require maximum portability in highly congested areas. Due to its simplicity, it can be easily adopted by users who are not familiar with laser scanning.

The RTC360 is the scalable solution for varying sizes of projects, from basic to complex. It meets the needs in between the ScanStations and BLK360, and provides its own class of solution for construction, plant and public safety.