Our extensive surveying equipment hire range includes the fastest 3D laser scanners and robotic total stations, manual total stations, GNSS/GPS solutions, digital and automatic levels, rotating laser levels, pipe lasers, and utility avoidance tools.

Rental can be a cost effective way to access an instrument, saving on the cost of purchase and the ongoing servicing and maintenance; and we are able to offer exclusive rates to customers for long term hire.

We are also able to provide a fixed rate hire replacement whilst your own instrument is in our care during calibration, repair or servicing.

Nationwide next day delivery available.

G2 Survey Hire Rates

Hire 3D Laser Scanners From / Week  
Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner Hire £1400.00 Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner
Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner Hire £900.00
Leica P40 ScanStation Hire £1800.00
Target Set £20.00
Leica Cyclone License £150.00
Hire GPS/GNSS From / Week  
NetRover/SmartRover Hire (GS07) £220.00 Leica GS07 GNSS NetRover
SmartNet License £150.00
Hire Total Stations From / Week  
Manual Total Station Hire (TS07) £95.00 Leica TS16 Robotic Total Station
Robotic Total Station Hire (TS16) £195.00
MultiStation £595.00
Controller (CS20) £50.00
Theodolite £30.00
Hire Lasers From / Week  
Rotating Laser (Rugby 620) £20.00 Leica Rugby Laser Level
Grade Laser £50.00
Interior Laser £25.00
Pipe Laser (Piper 100) £40.00
Laser Plummet £35.00
Hire Levels From / Week  
Automatic Engineers Level (NA720) £10.00 Leica Digital Level
Digital Level (DNA03/LS15) £75.00
Precise Level (NA2) £30.00
Hire Location Detection From / Week  
CAT (Radiodetection gCAT4+) £25.00 Radiodetection CAT & Genny
Genny £15.00
Precision Locator (RD8100) £65.00
Precision Transmitter (Tx10) £65.00
Ground Penetrating Radar £750.00

Estimated prices shown above are per week unless stated otherwise.

All the required accessories, such as prism, detail pole, tripod, batteries, charger, and staff are included with the above instrumentation.

Standard delivery and collection £10.00 each way.

All prices quoted are subject to VAT.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries you may have.

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